The golf landscape is changing, and with today’s golf environment, it has been the right time for LNGA to look to its future.  That focus on the future gave us a priority on communications to potential players, establishing exemption priorities, and making a special occasion for the amateur players.  Because of exemption priorities, changes in the competitive golf environment and the value of the competition based on WAGR, the 2020 LNGA Amateur exceeded the intended field of 120 players to 133 players.

Changes in the 2020 competitive golf calendar because of Covid-19 have also given the LNGA a period to continue that look to the future by evaluating feedback from past players and having discussions on how to accommodate its growing pool of competitors with events which reflect the tradition and mission of the organization.

As a result, it is the right time for us to turn our focus to our Senior offering.  We have exceeded available player spots in the Amateur, and we have also received feedback from Senior and Mid-Amateur players regarding the need for a championship with appropriate yardage and course setup.  Additionally, at this time, the USGA has a committee seeking new WAGR event opportunities.

When the LNGA Senior offering began, a 4-Ball tournament format was initiated, and it was the right event for that point in time.  However, after 28 years of a 4-Ball format, in today’s environment, moving the Senior offering to a stroke play WAGR-ranked Championship is the right event for a time such as this.

We want to share this evolution with you and communicate that our 1st Senior and Mid-Amateur Championship will be conducted in 2021, replacing the Senior-4 Ball event.  Look for this Championship announcement over the coming days.

We also offer our heartfelt thanks to each of you who have participated in the Sr 4-Ball tournament through the years for your support of LNGA.  The tournament was highlighted by competition and camaraderie while seeing old friends/making new ones once a year.  We hope that you will continue your support of LNGA by being a future player in the Senior or Mid-Amateur field, but if that format is not for you, then we hope you will continue to be an ambassador for LNGA to reach other players in those categories.

More information and details regarding the 2021 LNGA schedule will be shared as it is finalized.  And, as always, the LNGA looks forward to your participation and is glad to answer any questions or concerns.


LNGA to Retire Senior 4-Ball Tournament